“What I Did Today” Journal

When I thought to put this together, I hoped she would enjoy it and stick with it. I will say, I'm thrilled that with her Mama's help, she filled over half the pages in the book, since this survived a move. I would receive updates via photo or text, and Littles would say "oh, I drew a a good one yesterday" while video chatting. When I finally saw it yesterday, it was even sweeter than I could have hoped.

Inside, pen drawings layered with crayon, "sounded out" words, as well as taped items covered the pages. She chronicles adventures in her big backyard, other projects we have sent her, and even drew her Dad and I video-chatting with her.

It's innocent, and poignant, and perfect.

As someone who's dream job would be working in the field of art therapy, I cannot suggest this enough for anyone who wants to be able to communicate with someone often, but can't. Thanks to our constant communication through social media and text messages, everyone is always aware of what is going on.

Many couples refuse to communicate equally, or due to problems in their relationship, are better off. The great thing about a "What I Did Today" journal, is that the child is able to express themselves through imagery, mixed media, and words, at their own pace. Including a return envelope is also an option to give them the independence to take on this task themselves.

Obviously, the goal is to create an opportunity for one parent to instigate creativity, and then other to implement it. In doing so, you ARE working together, and it benefits everyone.



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