Valentine Gifts

in '09, Littles was still with her Dad every other day, which meant we had a lot of time to finish out projects over the span of a few days. We sat down with a box I had brought from home, and tried to figure what we could make out of it all.

She first decided she wanted to put a handprint on a piece of paper and give one to Dada. Mama, Gma, and Linda (her sitter at the time) for "Vowentaiiiiiiens Daaaay."

So, we simply took a piece of stock paper, painted her hand, placed it on the paper and then decorated it with star punch-outs. She loved it.


Next, we decided to make hanging hearts, with her photo in them. I gathered our materials:

  • Construction/ Colored Paper
  • Glitter Paper
  • Pre-Cut Shapes (we used stars)
  • Foam Letter Stickers
  • Various Stickers
  • Scrapbooking Envelopes
  • String
  • Photos
  • Scissors (plain & decorative edge)
  • Glue

We made all four pretty similar so as to get in the groove of showing her how to cut, but personalized each of course. I started by cutting out a heart on four pieces of paper. Mama & Dada got the biggest hearts, with both included a smaller heart inside cut from glitter paper, while Grandma & Linda each got a single smaller heart.

I let her the pieces together, and then she began decorating with stickers to her wildest desires! As she did that, I cut out a few random shapes with my decorative scissors, and prepared the string. She then pasted the Foam Letter stickers and pre-cut shapes on, and added some scrapbooking envelopes to two with a note inside for Mama & Dada.

I poked a hole and fastened the string, as we hung them to dry. After about an hour, we added my cut shapes, and glued her photo to all four!





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