Twig The Fairy

I was an only child, with a wild imagination, and a wild family. I grew up believing in fairies and snipes, and for one summer I was convinced that pinecones were alive, and would save them from the neighborhood kids who threw them. I WISH I WAS KIDDING. haha! I always planned to have my own children grow up with an incredibly elaborate imagination. Littles is no exception, she's already so smart and silly that it sticks.

This all started when Littles attended her first Scarborough Faire. She had already been a two time attendee of the Texas Renaissance Festival, and we decided to add this one to our list as well. Being closer, we were able to go during one of her visits. I had known that Twig the Fairy was a regular on their performance circuit, and just knew she was going to be the perfect fit for Littles. I'll never forget their first meeting. Littles was FROZEN, as Twig shyly approached her, waving coyly using sign language. The brought out her flute, and began playing. Littles had planned a phrase to say in sign language, and when it came time to even talk to her, she just stood there, eyes wide, smiling. It was HILARIOUS. No matter how many times Twig gave her a pebble, Littles just kept standing there. It was a scene straight out of A Christmas Story, with Littles as Ralphie and Twig as Ms. Shields. Ah, greatness.

We snapped some photos, and then called that a success. On our way back towards the front later in the day, who did we run into again, but Twig. This time, she saw Littles coming and made a scene. Patron stopped and watched their interaction. It was.... Magical. We got Littles one of Twig's books, she signed it for her, and we said our goodbyes.

We read the book before bed that evening, and Littles' put one of her jewels under her pillow so that Twig would visit. Her dad and I looked at each other, and knew we were going to have to run with this. That morning, she woke up and reached under het pillow. Twig had left her a note! Littles burst into our room with a glittering crinkled piece of paper, with worn edges and scribbled cursive. Pretty neat huh?

It still continues. Anytime Littles leaves a jewel under her pillow, Twig will visit and leaves her a note. Whether she just wants to talk to her, show off her loose tooth, or she is she's sad to leave the next day, Twig is always there.

Littles' wanted to add:

"She is a REALLY nice fairy, and if you go see her at the Scarborough Faire she will give you 4 or 5 jewels. If you put one under your pillow, Twig leaves you a note. One time I wrote a note to her and she got it and I got a note back on the night of the day that she got my note. She also gave me one of her books so that way I could know all about her. And she LOVES Twigs, because thats why her name is Twig."


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