ToothFairy_304214915_nLittles had been saying her tooth was loose for what seemed like FOREVER. We were all on tooth watch, some because it was exciting to see her shed a bit of baby, and others just wanted to deny the fact that she was growing up!

Before she left to go back after her Christmas vacation, and I mean an hour before she left, I quickly made a little tooth fairy pillow, just so that she would be prepared in case that tooth fell out. Using felt, thread and stuffing, I made the perfect little pillow to go underneath her pillow when the time comes.


About three weeks later on January 20th, 2012, it happened! The tooth vacated her little mouth, and made its temporary home in the little pillow. We made sure to have Mama document the occasion so that we would be able to see what happens! That night, she was able to video chat with her Dad and show him the exciting news. He was thrilled and emotional and very proud. After a brief chat, “I Love You’s” and Goodnights, they hung up, as he went off to work, and she went off to sleep.

Crazy enough, later than night, her Dad was hit from behind while going 60MPH by an driver who was speeding and not paying attention to the road, flipping his SUV and crushing it as it slid across the freeway. He was able to crawl out of the car and escaped more serious injuries, and I cant even begin to describe how thankful I am.

While we were in the hospital that evening, I called Littles’ mom and filled her in on what happened. I remember saying to her, how that would have been the last time they saw each other, had he been killed. It is times like that, where you realize how important it is to make time to talk. No matter how short the conversation, always take the time to reach out, and talk to your loved ones. After leaving the hospital, we were able to sit down and have our morning brightened with the images of Littles’ and her tooth fairy loot, tucked gently inside her tooth fairy pillow.
*Pattern & Instructions coming soon!







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