The First Video

Fact: I take a lot of photos.
Fact: I love to video.
Fact: It's hard to see someone sad, and its fun to cheer them up.

In 2008, After dating for a few months, I made this video with photos I had taken over a period of 2 years as a keepsake for my then boyfriend. He had originally mentioned how every time he heard that song, he thought of her. I remember loading the video onto my iPod, and handing it to him with a pair of headphones after a show he played in Houston one weekend, and for a good 5 minutes I didn't know if this was something that cheered him up or made missing her worse. Luckily, it was just the emotions taking over!


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  1. Penny Shelfer
    May 1, 2013

    How utterly beautiful. Lauren, you never cease to be amazing with your love and creativity. Very well done! <3


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