St. Patricks Day

I remember running downstairs one St. Patricks day as a child, only to be greeted by a green pomeranian. That's right folks, my mom dyed the family dog green. She also knocked over any bottles, (specifically whiskey), which were near the wet bar. When I made my way into the kitchen, there were green footprints EVERYWHERE.

On the walls.
On the stove.
On the doors.
On the mirrors.


it was SO exciting to follow their paths, being turned in circles not once but twice, reading the graffiti they scrawled on the walls. It was awesome.

I wanted to recreate that before she gets to an age where magic "is totally not cool." (Please don't come for a while, PLEASE don't come for a while!)

It worked. Much like the project I did that past Easter, she was thrilled to make a big deal that Leprechauns defeated our alarm system. (read: DOG.) They re-arranged her letters on the fridge, scribbled a message on her note pad, peed in the toilet, peed in the dog bow, and even peed in the ice! Not just that, but they left a trail throughout the house, that led from the backdoor, through her room and all the others, up her foldable castles, and out the front door!


Want to do this?
  • Washable Paint (Green)
  • Food Dye (Green)
  • Kitchen Sponge
  • Scissors
  • Ice Tra
  1. To make the leprechaun bootprints: Using scissors, cut out the shape of a tiny shoe from your sponge. I cut two: one for a left foot, and the other for a right. You can also just use your fingers to draw the boots, but the sponge texture adds to the effect!
  2. Apply to tile and wood. Try to avoid the grout, it's harder to clean. IF you only have carpet, why not have the bunny prints jump from paint safe appliance to paint safe frame?
  3. Add a drop or two of food coloring to your pets water bowl.
  4. Add a few drops to ice tray, and fill with water.
  5. For the toilet, wait until before you go to sleep, or until morning to add dye to toilet bowl.

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