Self-Published Book

For one of my digital media class projects, we were encouraged to create a narrative.
I had chosen to create a children's book, told through the eyes of a child. This was something I had wanted to do for a while, and what better way than to incorporate work with fun.

Over her last few visits, Littles would tell me what she wanted to say in the book, and I wrote it all down.
Then, she drew some new pictures to be added to the old ones she wanted to include.
I traced them in Illustrator almost exactly, and then laid out the images and text in Adobe inDesign.

I chose the title from a phrase of her words, and let LuLu Self Publishing whisk it away to be printed!

I ordered two copies, one for our house, and one to keep with her Mom, as well as a copy for her grandmother.

It was my biggest gift to my smallest friend.

At Christmas, she unwrapped her own children's book (written by her!), that talks about how much she loves her family and how she can stay close when we are in different cities.

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 Click HERE to Read The Book!

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