Over the Years…

Similar to the project we made for her Mom, these are other ways in which you can creatively chronicle a child growing up, and also mark the importance of the occasion.

Littles loves visiting all of her family, maternal, paternal, etc! Every year, we try to visit her paternal grandmother and great-grandparents in West Texas. She always notes that the favorite part of her trip is staying in a hotel, and playing in the backyard with the dogs. (I would also guess it's safe to say that Grandma slipping her sweets constantly is also up there on the list!) The first photo was taken on Thanksgiving of 2008. She sat quietly in front of the sliding door, looking outside at the birds. Four years later in 2012, we were there at Thanksgiving again.. and we took another photo just like it.

In the second photo, the first image was taken the first day we arrived at Grandma's house in 2008. Littles sat with Grandma as they chatted away.. and I was so happy to catch this image. We decided to mark the occasion as well in 2012, and plan to carry on this tradition every four years as long as we can. We have a super special activity planned for this summer, stay tuned!

The Third and Fourth images are from one of our favorite events each year, The Renaissance Festival! For Littles, its a time where all the imagery and magic that we encourage in her life be multiplied over and over! We make sure she immerses herself in a character, and engage safely with others there as well. Her first year was when she was 3, and she came across Robin Hood, as well as the fairies. Robin Hood is a wonderful charismatic man. After her curtsy and his bow, he handed her a flower, and I snagged a few photos, and off we went. Two years later we returned, and we just so happened to run into the actors again! The fairies are always a lot of fun, sneaking around and playing with the children, giving them little pebbles as keepsakes. It wasn't until I got home that I really saw the difference and similarities in the photos from each year. We sent copies to the Renaissance Festival's Book of Faces (their term for Facebook!) and they, as well as the actor who plays Robin Hood wrote back! He was smitten with the image and even hung it above his desk at work. We reassured him that the next year, we would find him to take another just like it, and we did! It's great to look forward to a tradition within a tradition every year!

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