Film: Little Foot

The idea came to us one day while we were playing outside in the backyard with her stash of dinosaurs. I ran in and grabbed my camera, she grabbed her Dino Tail, and then we started filming. We laughed back and forth at the many ways a little human would morph into one of her favorite prehistoric creatures, and ended the day with a few gigs worth of footage. When we saw her the next month in Houston, she sat down at my parents piano and created a soundtrack that she believed would be appropriate for her film. After editing the footage and soundtrack together, this is what we created!


Want to do this?

No musical instruments at home? Don’t fret(/badoomkshh)  
You do have other options to make and record sounds!

  • If you have an Mac, open up GarageBand and follow their instructions for creating a music track.
  • If you have a PC, you can use Windows Movie Maker, or a built in sound recorder.
  • Windows Start key > All programs > Accessories > Sound recorder
  • If you have a device (video camera, voice recorder, tablet, phone, etc.) with the ability to record sound, PERFECT.
  • You can sing, clap, bang pots and pans, shake cans full of rice, ANYTHING that let’s them express themselves musically. Think even of using their audible toys as sound effects. There are no limits to the types of creations and sounds the imagination can conjure up.

To record a video, you can use a webcam on a computer, your mobile devices, tablets or a video recorder. Don’t have any of these? Why not create a stop motion video? You can see an example of that on a project we did here. Just take a bunch of photographs in succession, load them onto your computer via your digital camera or a CD from photos printed at a store, and use those to mimic a moving picture.

To add sound to a video, you just pick what works for you. If you’re on a Mac, you have iMovie built in. If you’re on a PC, Windows Movie Maker. Both will let you import tracks to your footage, creating a movie.

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