Father’s Day Book

This was what inspired our self-published book, I See Us In The Clouds. For Father's Day, we conspired to make a book behind his back. [Cue "muahaha sound byte] One afternoon while he was at work, she and I sat down and collected photo after photo, to use in a book.

While I laid everything out in Illustrator, she drew the cover for the book. A few markers, and crayons later... it wasn't GLITTERY enough, so we added some slue and sparkles. I promised her that after she was asleep and her Dad was home, I would tell him I was going to "go to the store" [Kinkos] and print all the pages. 40 minutes later I was back home and stashed the goods. That morning, we punched holes in the pages, bound it with twine, and voila! It was done.

Now, we just had to wait for him to get home. Video posted soon!



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Want to do this?

You are not limited in construction when it comes to making a book. If you do not have a design program, or would like to keep the cost low, just fold a few sheets of paper, staple the folded end, and have a child decorate each page.

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