Bleach Pen Art

Ohhhh y'all, this is a fun one.

Littles' and myself pick up a lot of clothing items from thrifts and sales, and sometimes we get big ideas for that blank canvas. We've multi-color sharpie styled some before, but this is a whole new level of fantasticalness. I've posted just a few examples of the designs we have made together, and I can't tell you how many nice comments she gets from some of the bleached attire.

One day a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of watching over Littles and her best friend for the day, so after a lunch run we popped by to pick up some pens and shirts. Once we returned home, I gave them a prompt:

--Close your eyes really REALLY tight, and try to think of a monster. It can be silly, it can be scary, it can be scrilly…… :cue kid giggles: and draw it. Then, you will recreate that image onto the shirt using the bleach pen!--

Since they were not going to be able to trace, I thought this was a great way, especially for littles, to try and replicate an image with anther (somewhat tedious) medium. I showed them that keeping their lines thin helped to contain the spread of the bleach, and that too much detail in some areas will only result in a blob of bleach.

The kids make it happen, and we then let them dry. After a good 45 minutes, we washed off the bleach and then washed the shirts, and wow! They were thrilled!

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