Summer Visit {Photo-A-Day}

Ever since we moved to this home five years ago, we’ve used the two fences that flank our driveway to take a photo whilst she is here with us visiting. It’s a treat to go through old Facebook photos or external hard drives and see how much she has grown!

Of course, there have been days we have missed or forgotten over the years, so this summer we made sure to take time each day to take a photo just for this. (Obviously, I have no problem taking photos throughout the day. :P)

It’s pretty funny how Pavlovian it becomes for Littles. We would be leaving early in the morning and there she would be, striking a new funny pose by the fence. I could have kicked myself one evening for forgetting to take her an image of that day (51). Her dad laughed, and showed me that she reminded him that she needed a photo for that day, and that all was well. 😛

See each image individually below!



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