Our visit to Hope Cottage

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My husband was raised by his mother, her mother, and his maternal grandfather, Jim. They spent a lot of time together when he was a child, traveling to art shows, watch westerns, and help our with yard work and chores around their small town home. He refers to him as dad, and holds him responsible for the man he has become. We’ve had fun in the past tracing family history, but always come up short in regards to Jim’s birth parents. Given up for adoption in 1924 by his mother and father, he was adopted as an infant here in Dallas, Texas. My husband had visited the original site of Hope Cottage a little over 15 years ago, to retrieve papers requested by his grandfather. Since then, there had not been any contact, until we decided to give the Little’s a life lesson in donating items she no longer needed to those in who were in need.

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Little’s has been able to spend many holidays with her great-grandfather, thanks to us being able to travel to see them a few times a year. Her being able to retain memories with him, through experience and photographs will be something she and her father can cherish for a long time.

On Little’s 7th birthday, we encouraged friends and family to donate gifts that could be donated to Hope Cottage. We were thrilled to receive a wide variety of items for foster children and mothers to be such as clothes, toys, diapers, infant items and even a generous check in honor of her great-grandfather.

The original building is long gone, but business continues here. Little’s was given a tour, met the staff and received a history lesson full of artifacts, historical photos and some surprising news! Her great-grandfather Jim, who was adopted by the Shafer family in 1924, was the oldest living Hope Cottage baby! Much rejoicing was had by everyone in the room.

We are so thankful for Hope Cottage for welcoming our family with open arms, and giving us the ability to give back to the place that kept her great-grandfather safe. We look forward to donating again, and encourage anyone who would like to learn more about them to visit the Hope Cottage Website.

UPDATE: Two weeks after we visit to Hope cottage in July of 2013, Jim passed away. We were so very happy we were able to tell Jim about all the wonderful things Little’s did in his honor, as well as the respect everyone at Hope cottage had for him.



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