Summer Visitation & much needed updates!

20130615-022435.jpgSo, our summer officially begins tomorrow, with Littles arriving c/o her maternal Gma & PopPop! She spend a good chunk of the week in Oklahoma, at Jellystone Park!

I have so many updated to make since I presented my work at my Capstone presentation, with so many sweet moments included! There’s been a lot going on, and even more to keep track with this summer. Littles will be with us until August 5th, and we have so many trips, projects, and activities planned.

I am just thrilled to the max, and her Dad so incredibly giddy for her arrival. I’ll make sure to update the blog nightly once she is sleeping with past present and future fun.

Happy Summer!


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  1. Penny Shelfer
    June 15, 2013

    Yay! Have a blast 😀


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