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photo 1It’s not uncommon for kids to become completely distracted while video-chatting. Between seeing themselves in the screen, being seated on the patio of a beautiful backyard, or chatting while snacking, there’s a LOT going on!

Last Sunday, we got a kick out of her :chomp chomp chomping: while chatting, and had to inquire as to what the fuss was about.


“These are the best pretzels ever,”  as we heard the bag crinkled again out of frame.

Her Dad pouted, and whined “I want ooooone!,” which of course made her laugh as she attempted to feed the pretzel to the iPad.

:chomp chomp chomp: “I’ll totally send you one!”


Look what arrived this morning. HAHA!

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Thank you!!

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  1. Kim A. Knight
    April 24, 2013

    This is awesome. It seems as though there is an opportunity here to connect this to the way that you have helped her build habits that merge online and offline. Can you maybe talk about that in the framework of how this is the outcome of the types of activities that you do with her?


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