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Ttumblr_migd4bliaA1rkd7gdo1_500his Easter was so incredibly busy. Between The Mr.’s schedule and my work load, seeing each other was few and far between. When we were asked if we wanted to spend Easter weekend with Littles, we were crushed that our schedules had finally taken over. Usually we jump at the chance for any extra time, but it was impossible with such a short time period.

Luckily, my parents offered to have her spend the holiday with them, and with them being in the same town, it worked out perfectly!

She was super excited to be able to see my parents, the friends she has on their cul-de-sac, as well as visit my Godfather who lives closer to town and visit her OTHER friends there! (This kid makes friends all over, y’all!)

Lot’s of fun was had, lot’s of spoiling happened, and I am thankful that my parents are able to play a part in her life so often!

Since we couldn’t be there, we ended up sending a package down to her.

package1I grabbed a box from the pile by the door (yes, a pile. That’s what you get when weddings happen!) and stuffed it with some of her favorite clothes, matching pajamas for her doll, and of course, some Easter goodies! We picked up some easter cards, added two belated gifts that were intended for my parents, and also stuffed in her Easter gift, which you will see shortly.

Before I sealed the box, her Dad wrote a letter and placed it inside. I quickly snapped two photos and then closed the box. It wasn’t until later when  I looked at the image, that I read what he wrote.





Yeah. Seriously. Talk about waterworks.




Even my parents dogs got in on the fun!



Decorating eggs at my Godfathers house, and threatening to make mine my “favorite” colors, pink and purple.




My mom took the phone outside to allow us to see her playing, running and scooting on the sidewalk with her friends.









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