The Birthday Card

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Handmade Cards. There is seriously nothing better.

194942_10150891923027327_1883796475_oI know that at least some of us, most of us (all of us) know the anticipation of opening a card. You could almost always expect SOMEONE was going to do one of the following:

  • We open the envelope… pull out the card…some form of currency falls out but we we try to act like we don’t see it and keep reading but inside we are FREAKING OUT THAT MONEY IS RAINING DOWN AT OUR FEET.

This is why being a kid and receiving a card is AWESOME.

I’ve always been a sucker for ridiculous cards, the ones that are loud, make a scene, and convey a little it of crazy.


As an adult, I finally eased into the sentimental card genre. Though, I have a hard time handing over something that I didn’t write. I sometimes forget to take the time and slow down to make a personalized card for various occasions, but I usually try to gift something original.

Birthday’s are an extra special time for excitement, and with all the hullabaloo going on at birthday parties, it’s tough to take the time and really read a card. I mean, it’s usually attached to a PRESENT. Yet, I believe it is important to give everyone your attention, even if it is just a handful of seconds. They may have written you something special, or they may have just signed their name. Either way, we stress the importance of taking the time to read cards.


We got a HUGE kick out of Littles at her 6th birthday. While opening presents on the floor with her Mom & Grandma, she opened the card, read what she could and had them assist with the rest, for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. She’s such a caring and thoughtful little girl.

So when it comes time for Littles to attend a birthday party or visit a friend for a special occasion, we always bust out the craft stash and start creating. We decided to “GO BIG” last year while she was in town for her friends birthday. She picked out one of my manila folders, and went to town on it, cutting and gluing items to add to it. It’s incredible to watch the evolution of her “people.” From just squiggly likes to now sketches with personality, she really made this card incredibly special for her friend. When she was done, she placed it into the gift bag, and off we went.

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