A Day at the Museum

Jackson Pollock’s Portrait of a Dream (1953)

This is her favorite painting.

I make sure to take her and see it at least twice a year, so that it stays fresh in her mind, and she undoubtedly learns more about it.

I asked her once, “What do you think Pollock is trying to tell us? What do you see?”

To which she replied even so easily, “Well, THIS side (points to the left) reminds me of a jungle, and THIS side (points to right) reminds me of justice.”

It’s always fascinating to watch her “watch” art. She studies it intently, edge to edge. You can tell we spend a lot of time in galleries just by watching her walk around. I guarantee she’s one of the only children in there with her hands clasping each other gently behind her back, so as to not accidentally touch the art.

My hope is that she hangs onto this piece. That she REALLY appreciates it, and never stops “suggesting” what she thinks.

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