Her First Big Purchase

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There are about 5 piggy banks floating around our house. One is a Little Winnie The Pig bank from her 2nd birthday, another is a GIANT crayon from her Aunt Che Che, there’s a treasure chest… yadda yadda.

We had recently decided to scale down her bed in her room from a queen to a space efficient twin, and our dear friends handed down their son’s wood bed with trundle. What we didn’t have, was a mattress. Obviously, the only think Littles was concerned about was how much Hello Kitty bedding she would outfit it with!

She had been putting money away and spending it on little items, and the idea of making a big purchase came at a good time. She was studying money at school, and what better way to teach about the value than to buy a big ticket item!

She had received some birthday checks in the mail from family, So we cashed those and out the rest away. We plan to open a bank account this summer so that she can start putting away responsibly. (my mom & dad did this for me when I was her age, I walked into the bank LIKE A BOSS. HA!)

So, I asked her if she was interested in buying a mattress on her own. I explained that it would probably be “X” amount of money, but that she would be able to use her investment for at least 5 years. She then asked if she would be able to “try out the beds at the store” and promptly agreed after I confirmed that.

After a trip to Half Price Books for a children’s event, we drive a few blocks down and stopped in at  a furniture warehouse. The salesman greeted us, and I filled him in on what we were there for. He LIT UP, and escorted Littles back to the showroom which included bunk beds, trundles and twins.

She sat on EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the mattresses, but was swayed by the golden threading in the third of seven beds. “GOOD CHOICE,” he proclaimed, as he summoned his other employees to fetch a sealed mattress from the warehouse.

::he motioned for her to follow him to his desk, and she sat down::

Salesman: “How will you be paying today?”

Littles: “With Birthday Money.”

Salesman: “Oh that’s right, you’re how old?”

Littles: “I’m 6!”

Salesman: “Well then, we do offer a birthday discount, and….. are you paying cash?”

::she raised the $100 bill clutched in her hand:: 

Salesman: “Wonderful, you also get an extra $10 dollars off, since you are paying with cash.”::she looks over at me, and smiles::

So then he writes down the cost, and pulls out his calculator. He tells her to watch how he inputs the mattress price, then takes 10% off for her birthday, adds in tax, and then subtracts $10 from that, and shows her the total. He turns the paper, and she fills in her name, and SIGNS AT THE LINE. I almost lost it it was too cute!


And that was IT! She bought her own mattress, for her bed.

(We provided her with the Hello Kitty bedding for being an AWESOME 6 year old!)





Interested in teaching a child more about the value and importance of money, in a game? Moneywise Kids is a fantastic game, and easy to play. Littles received this for Christmas, and it’s a constant game night asset while she is visiting. Before this game, she would walk around the house trying to “buy” items from me with fake (gigantic) money. This, is much more efficient!


Created by a volunteer math aide in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Moneywise Kids contains two simple, fun games that will help kids understand how money works, in terms of dollar value and spending power. Teach your kids the value of money and budgeting the fun way with the Moneywise Kid’s Board Game. It comes with two simple, fast-paced math games that offer to teach the meaning of money to your children. The two featured interesting games are Bill Breaker and Bill Maker. This money budgeting game is ideal for two players and has facsimiles of real U. S money. It also serves to improve a child’s math skills. This educational kid’s game is ideal for children aged six years and older.

Moneywise Kid’s Educational Board Game:

  • For two players

  • Two levels of play

  • Includes facsimiles of real U. S. money

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