Lunch Date

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The patio of our favorite weekend restaurant is always full of nice neighbors, their kids and their pets. Littles made this bunny in a bee suit at an activity center the night before, so of course she would be joining us for lunch. Patrons around us kept looking and laughing at the sight, and I know some of those big dogs were eyeing it too!

When it came time to order, our waitress laughed at the fact that the bunny was rehydrating, and I suggested it was also hungry. She asked Littles “and what will the bunny be having?” to which she replied, “she eats lettuce, I guess?” and the waitress dotted the paper and walked back in.

Soon after, one of the cooks bee-lined for our table wit ha small plate… FULL of lettuce. They were all getting a kick out of the fact that she ordered, and of course she giggled uncontrollably at the though of feeding this to a stuffed animal.

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