The Magic Wand

I have a habit of taking things and running with them, especially in regards to imagination.
I’ve hidden fairies in her photos before, and swapped out images for others to see if she would recognize it.

In this case, she was getting frustrated one morning because her magic tricks were not working.
I suggested it was because she needed a magicians wand, but she assured me that this was pretty much the same. OK THEN!

I asked her if she had turned it “ON,” to which she just looked at me with a blank stare. While mumbling nonsense about re-setting your wand, I told her to reset it, and I would take a photo of the sparkles to make sure it’s working. I took two quick shots, brought them into the app, and immediately edited them.


mind. blown.





Want to do this? 

Using any photo editing program on your phone or computer, you can add graphics to your images like seen above. This little addition makes the magic THAT much more real!


Pixlr-o-Matic is available on your PC, iPhone/ipad & Android phones.

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